About Kenya

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Kenya Facts

  • Population: 48.5 million people
  • Full name: The Republic of Kenya    Capitol: Nairobi
  • Area: 582,646 square kilometers - about the size of Texas
  • Major languages:  Swahili, English, Tribal Languages
  • Major Religions: Christianity 80%, Islam 10%
  • Life expectancy: 63 years (men), 69 years (women)
  • Nominal annual GDP per capita: $1,790 US
  • Currency: Kenya Shilling - in early 2018, $1 US = 101 Kenya shillings

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Kenya History

  • Pre-history - The cradle of humanity is likely the Rift Valley
  • Early centuries AD - Civilisation base of farming, fishing, trade on the Coast
  • 1500-1600s - Portuguese attempts at foothold driven off by Swahili states
  • 1895-1963 - British colonial rule - punitive economic, racial, political policies
  • Early 1900s - Scottish missionaries, rise of Christianity, formation of PCEA
  • 1950s - Mau Mau rebellion, thousands killed, campaign for independence
  • 1964 - Jomo Kenyatta elected first President of independent Kenya
  • 1978-present - Presidencies of Daniel Arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru Kenyatta
  • 2000s - Contentious elections, new Constitution, high economic growth

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Kenya Geography and Climate

  • Nation is named for Mount Kenya, Africa's second highest mountain
  • A very wide diversity of landscapes and climates
  • Coastal area on Indian Ocean is tropical, North and East are arid
  • Highlands and central plateau, including Nairobi (5,900') are much higher, cooler
  • Two rainy seasons - long rains March-May, short rains October-December
  • 10% of land is arable, 37% pasture, 6% forested
  • Much of the country is subject to cyclical drought and flooding
  • Masai Mara - north portion of the Serengeti - hosts world class wildlife population